The blog is back!

So, I will try to bring life back into this blog – and I got some wishes on Instagram to do this in English, so I will try to not to let my swenglish become too bad and do this so all of you can read. And I will try to translate some of the good ones (I was a pretty good blogger back in the days, if I can say it myself!) out of my old posts for you too!

I asked for tips regarding subjects on Instagram and you gave me a whole bunch. I’ll write some posts about how I live with my dogs and our everyday life, how I think about some subjects in dogtraining and answer questions I get here and on Instagram that I think deserves some extra space and longer explanations – so feel free to ask away both here and on Instagram!

I get a lot of questions about if I work full time with dogs, and I don’t, I actually have a full time job at a finance company – where I train our human staff instead of dogs. So my training with my dogs, and all of my clients and seminars are on what’s supposed to be my “free time”. I choose to work with this because I love dogtraining, I love teaching and of course I have a dream about to making my living out of this, but I feel like I have a while left until I can do that. The dogworld looks a bit different here compared to the rest of the world – we don’t do board and train for example. Now we’ve started to have some seminars abroad and we plan to do more of those, which feels like a lot of fun.

I have some plans and they don’t include staying at my office job – so I’m definitely moving towards making a living out of this, but I’ll take it in smaller steps and the first one will be taken now in a few weeks and this year is dedicated to this specific goal – besides my training goals with my dogs, which is a question I get a lot too, and I got it a few times when I asked for subjects for the blog so I’ll just go there too! With Härja and Judas I am competing in IGP, and Härjas goal for this year is IGP3 – we just passed IGP2 and I actually already signed her up for her 3 – in two months! Feels crazy to be there with her, the hardest obedience dog I’ve ever had and a dog who we pretty much have fixed the protection work with ourselves – me and my obedience girls, even tho she’s doing her reps on a helper from time to time!

With Judas I aim to trial IGP1 this autumn. I am not in a hurry but obedience wise he’s more than ready and the tracking is on track. The protection work is where I don’t want to hurry, so we’ll see how the pieces fall together over the summer – but as our helper, Timo Helynen, always says: more training! Looking forward to watch him grow and develop, it feels amazing to have a dog with all this potential, I love walking into the field with him – he’s an amazing young dog!

Ninya is not an IGP dog, she´s too weak for protection and she has her hurt leg – so she’s in the Swedish tracking program. She’s starting the third level out of four now late this summer if all goes as I want it to and she gets to be pain free. I want her to become a champion in the Swedish tracking program before she’s retiring – but I think that we’ll take it when it comes, she’s starting to feel a bit old and she has her leg on strike sometimes. She’s wonderful to track and compete with, I hope I can enjoy that for many years to come. Most of all I want her to live a happy and relaxed life filled with fun, she’s my special little lady and I think that I’ll dedicate my next post to her – I get a lot of questions when I mention her background as an extremely stressed dog, afraid of people, dogs and impossible to have around. She’s a whole other dog nowadays and I thought it would be interesting for you to hear her story and how I worked with her to get through – if you have any questions about it just hit me up with a comment!

Feels good to be at it again in this blog, and I think I’ll feel comfortable in English after a few posts, bare with me!

Photo by the always amazing Kajsa Johansson

2 Replies to “The blog is back!”

  1. Thanks for writing this post in English! You saying you have a full time job gave me an extra kick because this was my excuse before! Can’t wait till you describe your life with the dogs☺️


    1. Happy you liked it! I’ll write everything in english from now on! Happy you’ve gor an extra kick too! 💪🏻😍


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